Tuesday, May 21

We are shedding to a new website ....

Hi everyone,

It has been nearly an year that Indian Horror Tales (IHT) has been online serving Indian spooky tales and encounters all across the globe - it was a fun journey, we got to learn a lot, and with all the pats and scolds - the journey was really worth it. But now, with all the responses coming across, we have decided to move on to set a concrete destination for Indian supernatural stories, encounters & research. And yes, we cannot do it alone - we will need you by our side, all through along.

Wednesday, May 8

The Murder Echoes – Ghost Sighting in Kanpur

A Personal Encounter by Sunil (Kanpur) 

This is an incident I witnessed when I was 14 years old. I had been to my village during Holi (a festival in India). One day, I went to my Uncle’s farm in the evening to play with my friends. After some time, all my friends went home, leaving me with my pet puppy Sheru.