Tuesday, July 24

Chhalava (छलावा) – The Undead – Incarcerated between earth & hell

As described by Pradhuman (Pune)

India is full of myths and legends – the roots of which sometimes take you back by centuries. The historical monuments, excavation sites, abandoned villages and dark forests – each of them have a typical set of haunts attached to them. Indians have always cherished these haunts & the Indian ghost stories associated with them – the legends run through generations.
Chhalava (pronounced as ch - huh – laava) is one such age-old legend which still haunts north-Indian villages. This legend is quite popular in the remote villages of the state of Uttar Pradesh. According to what Pradhuman narrated me – a chhalava is not a ghost as such (no mantrik would be able to locate and destroy it). He is rather a spirit trapped between earth & hell. A chhalava, is supposed to be a legend dating centuries back, a notorious warrior who was punished to be trapped in transition for centuries. He is known to haunt single men (generally those who have their marriages scheduled in the near future).

Friday, July 6

Hound in a Hotel – Raj Kiran Hotel – Haunted Hotel in Lonavla (Mumbai)

From shadowy figures, strange mists and apparitions to angels and demons, India has experienced it all. Many of these incidents verified by the experts, Indian ghost stories have been into the talking since ages. Horror movies are being directed, and T.V. serials are being shown, the world has learnt to make a business out of Indian horror tales. Apparently, when such an incident takes somewhere close to Mumbai: the Dream City of India, the magnitude of any incidence just doesn't remain the same. The ever-increasing news media and other communication channels, all of them get ready upfront to cover the news and win the race. 

Hotel Raj Kiran Resort, Lonavala (Mumbai) - A Haunted Tourist Destination

Thursday, July 5

Hostel Horrors - Haunted Place in Pune

A Personal Encounter by Anwar (Pune)

Since my childhood, I have been sensitive (and often attracted) to paranormal vibes. My folks tell me how I (as a kid) used to wander away into abandoned houses & forests, simply lured by such vibes. However, I chose to suppress these feelings, since they would lead me nowhere.