Sunday, May 13

The Haunted Railway Station of Begunkodor

Paranormal Activities – some of the very few most ‘googled’ keywords. When it comes to the supernatural, India surely attracts a couple of extra votes – and why shouldn’t it? India is a country with diverse cultures, religions, diverse nature of people and obviously so many different superstitions. Paranormal Activities in India have been setting up their own benchmarks. True or False, Believable or not, these stories have certainly mesmerized people for centuries.

Often, we overhear different incidents, reports, myths of various ghost stories in India. These incidents are rooted at various locales such as historical forts, railway stations, hotels, hill stations etc. Talking about railway stations - so many apparition stories have been reported worldwide. These are often referred to as ‘Ghost Trains’, ‘Haunted railway stations’, ‘Abandoned stations’ etc. One interesting thing when it comes to history of railways is that there are loads of incidences which may seem to be the probable causes to myths & legends. Railway lines and stations have stories of grisly deaths in which the victims stick around in spirits form. People die as a result of accidents, natural deaths and suicides. Obviously, the iron lines mesmerize people who are determined to end themselves. Some say many of these unfortunate souls linger on and are trapped within the physical boundary of their death.