Wednesday, January 30

Sinhagad Fort Horror – Illusion or a Paranormal Encounter?

A Personal Encounter by Rohit (Pune)

For those of you who have never been to Pune or to the Sinhagad Fort residing close by, this is a small introduction. The Sinhagad Fort (Sinhgarh, Sinhgad – previously known as the Kondhana; Sinh-garh means the Lion’s Fort) is a 1,300 meter high fortress, the history of which goes beyond the 14th century. The fort has seen some of the most epic events in the history of Maharashtra and India, in general. Apart from the historical significance, the fort remains a popular picnic spot and is favored for its lush green locality, adventure activities and a perfect place for a Sunday getaway. 

Sunday, January 27

The Dream Manipulation by the Hijrah (Eunuch)

A Personal Encounter by Keval (Mumbai, Maharashtra) 

Though I was born and schooled in Mumbai, I went abroad to the US to complete my further education. Since I lived abroad for years, my perception about the Indian traditions completely changed and I even started making fun of them. Once I grew old, I decided to stay in the US forever, as I had settled down in my own ways. I told my parents (who still lived in Mumbai), who told me that I should at least have my wedding in India and then I can head back abroad. I accepted their opinion. I took a leave from my job for a month and came back to Mumbai. My parents had already selected a girl for me (whom I had approved through the Internet). 

Thursday, January 24

Bhoot Bacchha (The Devil Child) - a form of Chhalava (Chalava)

A Personal Encounter by Maahi (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh)

This event happened with the most bully guys of my college. I was a student of Babu Benarsi Das Lucknow. My college was in a bit distant area Chinhat after the last stop of city bus either we had to walk for 2 kms or take auto. 

Few kilometers far from our college there was a town known as Barabanki - this place is mostly dominated by jungle and villages. 
This incident happened in the winter season when five of my friends Guddu, Pankaj, Chandel, Bittu and Manoj went to a marriage of one friend in Barabanki on two bikes. Manoj, Guddu and Pankaj were on one bike while Chandel and Bittu on the other.

Tuesday, January 15

A Daayan (Chudail, Witch) or just a co-incidence?

A Personal Encounter by Anonymous (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh)

I had joined a job in NIIT Jaipur (Rajasthan) at Raja Park Center but i was living in the guest house of my elder brother who was working in SPCL and very often i left alone in the guest house. That area was near jagatpura a bit outer area but not in solitude it was well developed.

The biggest problem in jaipur was of drinking water i use to fill up two bottles of water from my office at the evening and when I used to go to have my dinner in a nearby restaurant named TADKA and used to fill another bottle of water enough for the night.