Monday, April 15

The Haunted Encounter on Sudhagad Fort (Maharashtra)

A Personal Encounter by Vishal Jadhav (Pune, Maharashtra)

(This article has been rewritten partially / entirely so as to optimize it for typos, grammar and sentence construction. Care has been taken so as to preserve the original series of events and the related details.)

Hi everyone, today I am going to narrate a true story that took place with me and six of my friends in the year of August (2012). We planned an overnight trek to the Sudhagad (also called as Bhorapgad) fort situated near Khopoli village (ahead of Pali village). We decided to go there on Saturday, at around 1 pm. I had been there once, so I knew the road up to the fort fairly. I also had a plan to cook some great Chicken Biryani for dinner, just to add up to the thrill. We rechecked our inventory – torches, extra clothes, snacks and a plastic sheet banner, just in case the rains worsened (yes, it was mid rainy season) and we needed something to roof us.