Saturday, June 30

Dumas Beach - Crematory to Haunting

Every country, religion, tradition, caste has its own set of beliefs and disbeliefs. India leads this suite when it comes to having a set of beliefs. India, a country which believes in Unity-in-Diversity has diverse beliefs right from a person’s birth till his death. They believe that ghosts are considered to be mere unfortunate souls exist as a result of being cursed or having committed severe sins in their lives. They are alleged to persist between the higher worlds and earth.Indian mythology teaches that ghosts are people without physical bodies or the souls of people who died before their time, or bodies created due to paranormal activities and tragedies. This is another reason why Indian ghost stories have a unique significance all over the world. It is trusted that the apparitions hang around or just prevail leading to buzz words such as Indian isolated places, Indian deserted buildings, Indian ancient ruins, haunted beaches in India, Indian hunted hotels, haunted destinations in India etc. Indian mythologies also claim that ghosts, not having experienced life’s joys, undergo a lot of sufferings as the senses are intact but there is no physical body to interact with the outside world. Hindus, having majority of their population in India, do not bury the dead bodies like other religions but cremate it with an intention of releasing the soul from its earthly experience. Hindus believe that cremation, as compared to burial is most spiritually beneficial to the departed soul. One such cremation place is in the beach named Dumas which is supposedly haunted. Apparently, this is one of the true Indian ghost story.

Friday, June 29

Morning Horror

A Personal Encounter by Shekhar (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Hi everyone, this is Shekhar from Mumbai. Just thought of sharing this bizarre incident I came across when I was at a friend’s place, about two years ago. I was spending a night at his place near CP Tank. It was an age-old place, probably dating back to the British era – a typical Mumbai styled chawl. His room was on the topmost floor in a forgotten corner. There was dust and the roof was wearing off. The bulb in the lobby was either stolen or was never put up.

Wednesday, June 20

The Crying Corpse

A Personal Encounter by Dr. Girija Kulkarni (Pune, Maharashtra)

This happened when I was into my second year of Medical School. Usually we had to stay back in the hospitals either to assist the seniors or work over our cases. Let me confess that I, being the first doctor in our family, was never used to seeing so much of blood, pain & death lying around - not to mention the nauseous smell of the medicines & chemicals. Most of my first year went into crying for home, puking during practicals and crying more...

Sunday, June 17

Kurseong Dow Hill - Hill Station or Haunted Destination?

Indian Ghost Stories or Indian horror tales – Ever tried googling these words? Sixty search pages and hundreds of web sites with millions of incidences is the result you would get. So, one can imagine the impact these paranormal activities impose on human life. India, a country with its rich history, certainly filled with mysteries is where you’ ll find legends and folktales about paranormal activities. Are these true? – Nobody knows. Does anyone believe in them? – Yes, there are many. Unknown ghosts and deadly spirits are the points of discussion atleast once in a lifetime for everyone. 

Friday, June 15

Bhangarh Fort – History to Mystery!

Historic Wonders, Unsolved Mysteries, Aliens, so-proclaimed Haunted Places, and anything superhuman always enjoys a special treatment since ages – it’s as if people are repelled by the single instance of a ‘dull boring routine life’. Some incidents attract global attention while many stay confined to that region. Many others are diplomatically buried down and people remain aloof of what exactly happened. Indian Ghost stories have always been spoken about all over the world due to various reasons, one of them being a mysterious history attached with the nation.