Monday, January 16

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), the holiday home for ancient spirits

After spending months of dreary routine, people love spending a couple of days pampering themselves to the freshness and calm of a nearby holiday destination - and Indians are no exception either. However, owing to the vastness of this golden land, the geographical variety changes the destination of 'Holiday Destination' in the various parts of the country - up in the north-west, it is the adventurous Great Indian Desert, the northern region adorned by the Great Himalayas, the east enjoying the mega-rivers & the Bay of Bengal while the west escaping to the serene coasts. Lots of other regions enjoy in more fascinating ways, but kind of time-consuming to focus on them.

Sunday, January 15

Sinhagad (Pune, Maharashtra) - The hub of supernatural activities

The western region of the state of Maharashtra is lavishly blessed with nature's riches - plush forests, mountain ranges, water bodies and an amazing range of life. The city of Pune, located on the Deccan Plateau is one such metro who enjoys natural, political as well as global pampering. The city has an even richer history, dating back to about 1000 AD. Well, you can find endless resources telling you about the city, the tourist destinations & blah blah blah - that's not what we are here for, right?

Saturday, January 14

Khavis (खवीस) - The messenger of death - An age old myth

India has a multitude of reasons to be famous for, but that's not what we are talking about. One of the many reasons though, is the way spirituality and supernatural activities have been embedded within the centuries-old culture. Every different state of India has their own perspective towards such illusions (if at all they are so); going ahead, every state has their own set of ghosts & legends. Of the many supernatural castes & religions, we shall now look at a particularly interesting specimen - the खवीस (Khavis). There have been many Indian Ghost Stories circling around this myth.