Friday, November 28

Reawakening on Dec 1st - IHT will be back in action

Greetings & a zillion apologies for months long absence. To be frank - there were lots of in & outs - meeting people, trying to figure out how this could work out - getting more & more (textual) contributions to make the website worthwhile. It's you who kept me driven throughout - a million salutes buddy!

Well - all that's history - get set to reawaken your IHT in a totally new plane - lots of stuff to read, listen, view & explore -  India's very own Spooksville re-opens on Dec 1st! Bookmark IHT's new website right away.

Keep your fingers crossed folks - we really need all the luck, brains & muscle that we can!



  1. Eagerly waiting for the launch! All the very best for the new venture and thank you for returning! I had been visiting this blog at least once a week since your last post! Today's post came as a surprise!

    1. Hey Vandit - thanks! Yeah - I know we were tooooo lazy with the revamping... but all thanks to you, we should gain up full steam very soon. :)

  2. please don't postpone the dates. I eagerly waited for December 1 and now it says the website reopens December 3.. :(

  3. I am so sorry Vandit - I assure you the website's complete - we just needed time to get fair amount of content to being with and to finish up the podcast.... I cross my heart - 24 more hours it is! :)

  4. i absolutely cannot wait anymore! Kudos to you for keeping us gripped! Podcast is a superhit addition! :D

    *less than 12 hours to go!*

  5. Thanks Vandit! Keep your fingers crossed. Really need all the luck. :)