Thursday, July 5

Hostel Horrors - Haunted Place in Pune

A Personal Encounter by Anwar (Pune)

Since my childhood, I have been sensitive (and often attracted) to paranormal vibes. My folks tell me how I (as a kid) used to wander away into abandoned houses & forests, simply lured by such vibes. However, I chose to suppress these feelings, since they would lead me nowhere.

Currently, I am pursuing my engineering from Pune (Maharashtra, India). During my first year, I shared a flat (apartment) with my friends. The flat was located near Pune Camp area. The house was pretty old and worn out at many places. The walls had been reinforced since the foundation of the structure had weakened. The apartment had an entrance lobby, a hall, two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a small sit-out. The apartment was equipped with two age-old restrooms.

Within the first couple of days, we realized something was wrong with this place. Post midnights, the tap in one of the bathrooms would suddenly go off. This would wake us all. Then somebody would go inside and shut it off. However, within a couple of minutes, it would start gushing again. First, we thought it had something to do with defective plumbing. However, after a couple of days, we got the tap checked from a plumber, who acknowledged that nothing was wrong. That’s when we realized this wasn’t a plumbing issue. What I had learnt from my past encounters was that one should not try to interrogate such paranormal activities; they should be ignored. That’s exactly what we did. We were surprised that the tap used to shut off by itself after a couple of minutes.

Then there was another incident when I was standing at the window, gazing across to the 3rd floor of the adjacent building. I saw a young woman in the terrace of the apartment, putting up clothes for drying. I don’t know why, but this made me a bit uncomfortable. A couple of days later, I mentioned this incident to the security guard of our society (whom I had befriended). He asked me whether I was absolutely sure it was the 3rd floor. When I swore multiple times, he told me that the particular apartment on 3rd floor had been sealed off since the past two years. Apparently, a couple lived there who met a tragic fate. The man was out for his office purpose when his wife was killed in the house by burglars. The place had since been banned by the police.

There were many other petty incidents – some of them might not even be paranormal. Nevertheless, we left the place a couple of months back. It is always good to leave paranormal scenes untouched.


  1. but are ghosts in real???

    1. Hi there,

      You have asked something which has driven mankind for ages. However, a simple way to put up is how you look at it. Let us put it a simple way - if you call it a superstition, then you are ignorant. If you call it a ghost - you are either limelighting it up or are uncomfortable with it. If you call it a spirit or energy - you are accepting it and are curious about what lays beyond.

    2. Completely agreeing with Rohit. And with Anwar. Its good to be curious about such things. But not too curious. If stuffs happen around you let it happen and ignore it. One shouldn't get inti a Sherlock Holmes vive and "investigate". And if you see dat things are going against you and the entity clearly wants you to get out of the house, then please, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.
      Really adventure seekers, don't mess with things you don't understand. God bless everyone....

    3. Ghosts are name given by humanity to wide range of things, beings etc. In simple words if Eisenstein said everything was made of energy then you and me we all made of energy. I have realised when a person has violent death energy of this person remains as he does not know he is dead
      or a certain portion of his energy stays locked because of his last minute thought or someone unfulfilled desire. Sadly we have do not have enough mean to prove and there are many fakes and imagined fictions about these things. What Anwar did was right as it wise to leave these things alone if you don't have knowledge about these things.

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    1. It's real sometimes it happen..

  3. interesting story. is it real?

  4. Xactly wer in camp ??

  5. a good story teller even i am unable to think god has started making worst people who are just making fun of spirit . the spirit should revenge of it

  6. Arey bt if dat ghost wants to kill us den wat do we hav to surrunder it

  7. True but I feel a white candle should be lit in her name in that flat so she can go to the astral space allotted for her. Earthbound spirits need help n we should provide it if we can to release them from this bind.