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Munja (Brahmadaitya) – The holy tormentor ghost

Indian, a land of diverse religions, castes and sub-castes has inherited a treasure of supernatural myths and legends. There is a typical segment of haunted beliefs in the different states of this vast land. The legendary ghosts are typically classified based on their religion, time & nature of death, place of death and so on. The deeper you study these legends, the deeper you will gain an understanding of how these Indian Ghost Stories actually support the traditional and religious framework of India. 

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Of the many age-old castes in India are the Brahmins – the highly learned community known for their huge contribution to the esteemed knowledge-base of India. The legend of Munja or Brahmadaitya (a demon of Brahmanic origin), an Indian myth famous since ages has its roots within the Brahman community. 

Of the many religious traditions within this community is the Yajnopavita (also known as Poite). This ceremony takes place when a Brahman boy (aged between 8-13) is admitted into Brahmanhood (i.e. he is eligible to recite the Gayatri Mantra). This ceremony is marked by some holy offerings and rituals unto a havan (homa, or consecrated fire) and the wearing of the sacred thread. It is believed that if a boy dies within 10 days (roughly a week) after his Poite ceremony, he is transformed into this legendary ghost called Munja. The Munja is supposedly a ghost having a sadistic profile. He haunts a Pipal (Ficus religiosa) tree and is on the lookout for vulnerable victims. 

It is said that the wrath of a Munja can be invited when a victim tries to disturb and/or insult his abode. There are cases where the victims have been reported to have pelted the papal tree with stones, introduced domestic or human waste, consumed liquor sitting beneath the tree and so on. The Munja typically haunts girls & women. Women who disposed off left-overs of the meals (like bones, etc.) have been reported to be tormented by the Munja. 

The Munja avenges this insult in furious ways. The simple stories tell how the Munja pelted stones at naughty children. The stories become grave as reports tell how this ghost haunts its victims, possessing them till they are ill to death, sometimes hitting the bucket. There are also incidents wherein the Munja pricked the victim using thorns or scorched them using fire. 

Indians believe that the best way to avoid the wrath of such an Indian Ghost is by avoiding any activity which might invite the Munja’s attention. Villagers used to build platforms (or Paar) around the Pipal tree and tied the sacred thread around its bark. Exorcists have been reported to used water to ward off the Munja from its victims.

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