Tuesday, May 21

We are shedding to a new website ....

Hi everyone,

It has been nearly an year that Indian Horror Tales (IHT) has been online serving Indian spooky tales and encounters all across the globe - it was a fun journey, we got to learn a lot, and with all the pats and scolds - the journey was really worth it. But now, with all the responses coming across, we have decided to move on to set a concrete destination for Indian supernatural stories, encounters & research. And yes, we cannot do it alone - we will need you by our side, all through along.

Given below are the proposed features of this website. We really hope you can add your comments and suggestions in order to make this portal worthwhile of being a small identity of the mystical alter-ego of India.

This website is proposed to contain:

1. Login / Registration through the website's own user registration system or through social portals like Facebook, Google, etc.

2. A standardized set of rules for submission and moderation of user-submitted content related to paranormal encounters or legends. (This can help fight the current disagreements between what-can-be and what-cannot-be). This set of standards will also take references from existing global websites focusing on paranormal encounters & research.

3. Various levels of access control for users like authors, moderators, administrators, etc. who will have different levels of control over the publishing and moderation of content received.

4. Image & Video Galleries where users can submit images and videos of supernatural phenomena they have experienced.

5. Events: We have proposed to set up an individual events section. Imagine having a small get-together of us IHTians for a simple story-telling hangout around a campfire...  or maybe a virtual story-telling conference! Going ahead, many of the emails have even recommended that we conduct amateur ghost-hunting expeditions (that are totally safe) that revolve in and around our famous spooky destinations.

6. Social Media Sharing through Facebook & Google Connect.

7. Comments & Ratings for individual articles with more control over the language (read: swearing) of the articles.

8. Shoutbox for sharing our quotes & latest happenings.

9. Mobile website for those who access our website through their mobile phones.

People, we really need to get this website through as soon as possible, which is why we solicit your precious feedback! You can reply on this post or can send across an email to rohitindia76@gmail.com to send your feedback. Please try and be polite enough so that we can understand the gist of your feedback.

Thank you,


  1. Sounds interesting.... I recommend when you finish building your website, please please post the website's url on this forum so that the regular users of the forum (like me) come to know about it when it's done.... Thanx..

    1. Well, thanks a lot Aroop. Actually, what we are planning is that the domain indianhorrortales.com will directly go to the new website and this blog will remain a part of the 'Blog' section on the website. Do let me know your feedback.

    2. Well that's great.. Hope the plans come out to be true soon... If the plans made by you (as mentioned above) then the website is going to become a hit... Hope you make it fast and wishing it a huge success... Thanx.

    3. Thanks a lot Aroop! We, too, are keeping our fingers crossed while the development is in progress. Do let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas that can help make this portal better.

  2. how about keeping a section about asking questions and then the admins or the viewers can answer them. For instance; someone may ask: where do daayans dwell? What do they look like? And then viewers can answer them.

    1. Hey Vandit, thanks a lot for the suggestion. This is a useful addition. But now that you have suggested it, can you help us give it an appropriate name, or category?

    2. I am glad that you liked my suggestion :)

      Well, here are some suggestions for the section:-
      1.) I Can Feel Them Moving
      2.) No One Can Understand
      3.) I'll Take Your Pain Away/Please Take My Pain Away
      4.) Whispered Voices
      5.) The Dark World/Unanswered Mysteries

      And I have some spooky titles for the section of the real-life incidents, like the ones you post on this blog, too. You can have a section, as you stated in the content of the website, and here are some good titles that you can have:

      1.) This Is My Tale
      2.) I Saw The Unseen
      3.) The Dead, The Unspoken
      4.) That Day In My Life
      5.) ...spookily ever after

      (In this section you can post the content with a common title for all the incidents: "My name is [[Name of the person who submitted the story]] and this is my tale")

    3. Hey Vandit,

      Thanks again. These are really great suggestions. Please give me some time to go through them. And yes, we are halfway done with the website architecture - just a couple of days more, until the demo website. It's a simple website with multiple functionality, but I hope we all will like it.

  3. waiting for it desperately! :) I'd be glad if any of my suggested names gets a place in the website! :)

  4. http://goo.gl/2Wnmp-send your stories to this link
    your great fan

  5. Hey..So much time has passed..When is the new website going to be ready..Plz make it fast.!

    And Also I would recommend putting a special section for ghostly photos captured by readers..!

  6. how long before we get to enter the website?

  7. Hi. Stumbled upon this site while researching about ghosts & paranormal stuff. I'm Indian & this is very interesting. I bookmarked this & will be following it for a while. Keep it interesting!! Thanks.

  8. Boss its a very gud that somebuddy is creating a website for guys like us who love to read n share there experience n plz if its possible plz issue a bb n android app of ur site to easily ur stories, n best of luck boss

  9. Hi everyone,

    A million apologies for a delay so big! Please give me a week at the maximum to set up the new website (we are just finishing it up)! Also, do let me know if you have any more features to recommend!


  10. Oh yes, almost forgot - another million apologies for not publishing the recent submissions. But don't worry, we have all of them with us - just a week more & they will be live! Happy Haunting everyone!