Saturday, June 30

Dumas Beach - Crematory to Haunting

Every country, religion, tradition, caste has its own set of beliefs and disbeliefs. India leads this suite when it comes to having a set of beliefs. India, a country which believes in Unity-in-Diversity has diverse beliefs right from a person’s birth till his death. They believe that ghosts are considered to be mere unfortunate souls exist as a result of being cursed or having committed severe sins in their lives. They are alleged to persist between the higher worlds and earth.Indian mythology teaches that ghosts are people without physical bodies or the souls of people who died before their time, or bodies created due to paranormal activities and tragedies. This is another reason why Indian ghost stories have a unique significance all over the world. It is trusted that the apparitions hang around or just prevail leading to buzz words such as Indian isolated places, Indian deserted buildings, Indian ancient ruins, haunted beaches in India, Indian hunted hotels, haunted destinations in India etc. Indian mythologies also claim that ghosts, not having experienced life’s joys, undergo a lot of sufferings as the senses are intact but there is no physical body to interact with the outside world. Hindus, having majority of their population in India, do not bury the dead bodies like other religions but cremate it with an intention of releasing the soul from its earthly experience. Hindus believe that cremation, as compared to burial is most spiritually beneficial to the departed soul. One such cremation place is in the beach named Dumas which is supposedly haunted. Apparently, this is one of the true Indian ghost story.

Dumas Beach is located along the Arabian Sea, 21 kms southwest of Surat, a city in the state of Gujarat in India. This haunted beach in India is famous for its black sand. Although a popular tourist place, it is considered as one of the top haunted destinations in Gujarat. Several curious thoughts would be creeping on your minds such as: Is there a connection between Dumas beach being haunted because it’s a cremation place? Are all the cremation places haunted? Is this a true Indian ghost story? Well, we do not claim to have answers for all of these, but numerous paranormal activities have being reported around this haunted destination in Gujarat. People have reported of hearing strange whispers at nights near the oceans,warning them from moving forward and leave to leave the place. They say that the winds around this area are full of spirits of dead people. Some tourists have been known to have disappeared while walking on this beach at night.

Some Indians also believe that dogs have a slightly wider spectrum to sense any paranormal bustle. Locals have noticed a weird behavior and crying of dogs around the ocean.  Few locals claim that the apparitions are chased by the dogs while others beg to differ. Some people also complain that since people burn the dead bodies as per their Hindu rituals, the bodies die but the ghosts in their bodies remain in the air.
Call it a scenic Dumas beach or one of the haunted places in Gujarat! Fact remains that although people still enjoy visiting this place with the promenade having several snacks shops, this is one of the most dangerous and haunted destinations in India embarking its name in the top Indian horror tales.


  1. Yes,it is....i just want to say only one thing,after sunset u just stop ur feet for 5 minutes and don't think about anything,u will feel someone is talking to from behind...and his first question will be-is it beautiful place or not???

    1. you heared or what? lol

  2. i went to dumas beach at night with my girlfriend, and suddenly many dogs started screaming... we were scared.. then i felt they were coming more near.. i was sure because intensity of sound was increasing... i don't believe in ghosts.. but we decided to get back in the car and go home.. because i thought dogs may harm us.. so we ran away, not because of ghosts.. but after reading i think we were lucky to get back or we could die there...

  3. i am going to surat, i will also visit dumas beach also, just want to feel that, is it right or wrong that i dont know, but when i had heard about this place for 2 years ago, i had a wish to stay as much as possible at night. if i am getting harm by someone, it will be fine, i know god is everywhere, and he is watching each activity done by this. so i am not telling that i am a brave but just want to say that if you consider this things in your mind, it will be seen in front of you, because when you hear about such things while visiting unknown place, you may feel some fear and when you actually visit that place, you remember everything whichever is told to you. i will post my story after visiting this place. if i dont, belive that ghost exist there..

  4. i study in surat...and have been to this place in evng and returned in dark. i didn't find this place any such haunted as people say, instead has a very good weather all around. there is a graveyard near the beach made the start of all these kind of rumors(i feel it so). the place have a cool beach and is surely a good place to visit with family.
    not much to enjoy with friends over there.

  5. i just visited this place with my frindz just because i heard about this and guess what??? we just felt nothing... and by the way we are surtiz still enjoy visiting this place

  6. i'm proper frm surat n have visited 100times there in eve n have returned in dark, bt not me or mine frnds or even our family members who used 2 visit there every sunday noticed........
    how these people commenting without knowing about it.....
    we have grown there n spent most of time with frnds on dumas beach, not even got scar at all......
    nothing is there, all runours according to it is purely fake.....

  7. all these rumor regarding dumas beach is purely fake, as i'm gujarati n proper from surat, n have spent most of time with frnds there....
    we have not heard a single whisper, ....
    its a place with admirable climate to spend time with family, n mine family also use to visit there every sunday, as child if we have not noticed bt there not, n if any thing is wrong there they might have warned us not to visit, that nothing took such ......
    so its totally fiction story, .....