Wednesday, May 8

The Murder Echoes – Ghost Sighting in Kanpur

A Personal Encounter by Sunil (Kanpur) 

This is an incident I witnessed when I was 14 years old. I had been to my village during Holi (a festival in India). One day, I went to my Uncle’s farm in the evening to play with my friends. After some time, all my friends went home, leaving me with my pet puppy Sheru. 

It was getting dark when I saw a girl aged 10 to 14 years watching us while sitting on the branch of a mango tree. I assumed she was one of the villagers and asked her name and why she hadn’t went back home. She said her name was Babli and she didn’t want to go back home, as her stepmother beats her every day. Not thinking much about her, I returned home. 

The next day, I saw Babli at the same place. However, she was standing upside down. I asked her why she was standing upside down. She stood straight and laughed loudly. Then she asked me whether I would like to come with her to her new house. I asked her where her new house was. She pointed at a pond close by and said it was her new home. I laughed out loudly. However, she got angry and disappeared. 

I was shocked. Sheru and I ran back home and narrated the incident to my mother and uncle. They scolded me and then told me the fact. About 3 years back, a girl named Babli had drowned in that pond. The villagers said that her stepmother had pushed her down the pond. Many had even seen her apparition near the lake. 

About an year back (I am 34 now), I had been to my village. The villagers now claim to see the apparition of Babli’s stepmother too. Apparently, her stepmother was found dead in a suspicious manner near the very same pond.


  1. did she dance on the track babli badmash hai :p

  2. hey ..its an intersting fact but no one try to find out who has killed her step-mother..? its strange.. but if your story is true then i want to meet u dear..:)

  3. babli badmaash hai...

  4. simple but effective story. What is the exact location of this village you are talking about.


  5. how did her stepmother die?
    How did babli kill her?

  6. Well ur sheru wud hv identified the ghost right the first sighting...