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Qutub (Qutb) Minar (Delhi) – History, Tragedies and Haunts

India – the Golden Bird has had a rich history dating back through centuries. Numerous civilizations, reigns and eras – this land has been a spectator to glorious happenings along with many tragedies. The impressions of these magnificent centuries can very well be seen through the various historical monuments spread across the country.


Delhi, the capital of India and a larger-than-life metro is one of the most ancient destinations of historical interests. The city serves some of the most brilliant historical monuments (and World Heritage Sites) including the Red Fort, Qutub (Qutb) Minar, India Gate, Jantar Mantar and so on. Each of these monuments has a unique history associated with them; some of these monuments date back a thousand years back.

The Qutub (Qutb) Minar, India’s largest minaret scaling 72 meters, is one of the world’s most sought UNESCO world heritage sites. With the construction dating as back as 1000 AD, this monument has been witness to generations of historical revolutions in India. However, these centuries also brought with them tragedies, some of which still have their marks left behind. No wonder the Qutub Minar is named one of the most haunted places in Delhi.

During certain evenings, people have claimed seeing unexplained shadows lurking around the guards’ cabin near the entrance. Many tried explaining the illusion a product of the sodium lamps installed within – but science asks for an object against the lamps for a shadow to be cast – how can one explain shadows forming without any (material) objects involved?

In olden days (about some decades back), people were allowed to climb up the staircase into the tower. However, owing to safety concerns, the Government has now banned the entry into the Minar. In the earlier days, however, there have been reports wherein people climbed up the staircase and jumped down. Such events, people claim, are another source for paranormal activities. Says Dr Gayathri, a veteran medical practitioner and a resident of Delhi, “I have been visiting the Qutub Minar since decades. My uncle told me how he was once climbing up the stairs and stopped suddenly. He told me that he felt very uneasy. But then he thought it might be claustrophobia. However, the discomfort increased. Suddenly, he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He looked back but nobody was there. However, he started feeling more uncomfortable and at the same time, depression crawled over him. It was as if everything had ended for him – he didn’t want to go ahead in life. This feeling continued for a couple of moments till my uncle’s friends climbed up behind him.”

Dr Gayathri isn’t one of them who stand witness to paranormal activities and surrounding this haunted place in India. Gurdeep, a local guide claims of seeing a white apparition in the adjoining garden. He claims that the apparition is a female, and apparently from the royal genre (which he claims from her walking style). Gurdeep claims that the lady walks across the gardens and disappears across the trees.

Though the authorities claim that these Indian Ghost Stories have no logical basis, there are still many out there who have been close witnesses to these spooky vibes.

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