Monday, December 10

Haunted abandoned factory near Mumbai (Maharashtra)

It is said that stories leave behind footprints. A life drops tiny pebbles of milestones at every little corner of its stupendous journey. Most of the popular ghost stories in India have always had a stage (a house, a cremation ground or an office) which had a tragedy supporting it from beneath. A traumatic death, a mortal accident, untamed love or whatsoever! Today, we have a story that lurks a bit away from the traditional genre of Indian Ghost Stories.

Our story starts about fifteen years back when a big-shot company extended its branches into a small village close to Mumbai. The project – building a big bone crushing unit to produce Bone Ash powder which at that time had a noticeable demand into various applications like local bakeries, sugar industries & other domestic uses. The company acquired a huge plot besides a prime river and set up a best-in-class industrial setup and hired dozens of local labor to run it.

And so it happened that the plant ran good and the company was happy till things began darkening. On the papers, it went something like the company couldn’t afford running the factory, ethical issues, drastic loss in demand of bone ash powder and so on. There were also the health concerns of the locals who worked with the decaying remains and after-remains of the animals, birds (and occasional humans).

The equipments still smell of the raw materials & dead stories

And yet, there is also another tinge to this mystic cloud. Some locals claimed that the factory had, in its course of time, become haunted all thanks to its raw material coming from the abattoir (slaughterhouse / kattalkhana). Laborers claimed that the gears of the conveyer stopped rolling suddenly inspite of everything being perfect …!

The Night watchmen had more to share. Very frequently, they heard some of the equipments emit terrible scratching noises in the midst of the night – like someone was scratching their nails (or hooves) against the steel walls of the equipments). This was sometimes alternated by fluttering noises or deep whispers. When explored for the source, the watchmen came across nothing.

The deserted ruins still scream of their past
Many a times, the watchmen claimed seeing shadows whiz across the entrance to the shed. One of them even reported seeing an apparition of a woman standing near the edge of the river. But when he went closer, there was nothing in sight.

All in all, the factory still remains deserted as of today, with nobody except a dozen of security guards to protect the ruins. The equipments still smell of their raw materials while the emptiness gives unholy shudders to any frequent visitor. For all we know, this haunted factory in India has been a mediary for stories coming in and many more flowing out.

Note: Owing to the sensitivity of the story involved, we chose it best not to reveal geographical location or identity of the people (or brands) involved within. This does not mean we are faking it. People interested can communicate back for more photos. Some of the photos have been verified from amateur paranormal investigators who claimed back saying ‘there is definitely something wrong with this place’.


  1. Could you please tell me where in Mumbai this abandoned factory is? I'm making this short film and I think it would me help a lot if I got to know more about this place.

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  2. I am really eager to know what's wrong with this factory. It would be a great help if you could send photos and the name of the factory an it's location to my mail id..

    1. Basically it was the mill named as "Mukesh Mill" located in Colaba area of Mumabi. It was shut down in 80s. U can search on internet for more detail.

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